Gordon Ramsay is Shaking! Very Cheap Pad Thai Recipe!

A modified Pad Thai prepared and cooked based on available ingredients in the Philippines.

Budget- Php 250.00
Servings: Good for 3 people.

Unlike Filipino dishes where the sauteing has a fixed sequence of putting the ingredients, Thai cuisine is different. Each Thai dish has a particular set of sequences in terms of dropping the ingredients to the pan. The reason is that the chronology of the ingredients will determine the taste of the dish unique from any other dishes.

This is a very simple recipe where ingredients used are available in the Philippines.

Cluster 1

Rice Noodle (400 grams)
Toge (mung bean sprout)

Scallions or Green Onions

Bell Pepper

Minced peanuts (roasted)

Lime fruit or calamonding

Cluster 2 (The Sauce for that 400-gram noodle)

Tamarind Paste* -4 tablespoon 

Soy sauce- 4 tablespoon

Patis- 1 tablespoon

White vinegar- 1 and half-tablespoon

Hot sauce*- 1 tablespoon

Butter- 1 tablespoon (optional)


Tamarind paste can be made by boiling half a kilo of young tamarind with 3 cups of water and let them disintegrate. Use a strainer to suspend the solids until the liquid is filtered in. Add 5 tablespoon of sugar on the same pot, keep a small flame while stirring the compound continuously until it caramelized. 


You can also use a Knorr Sinigang Powder Mix as a substitute. 

As can be seen in the cooked Pad Thai, the ingredients are locally-produced vegetables and seafood that can be bought even in mall supermarket.


Cluster 3

Green Chili
Breast Chicken

Shrimp ( deveined) 


Calamondin that are locally grown are used in this particular dish instead of the standard lime fruit.


The Process of Cooking the Pad Thai.

Cluster 2

Mix the ingredients in a bowl based on the measurements indicated below. 


Cluster 1

Soak the rice noodles by pouring boiled hot water in a bowl. Once it cooled down, you need to use your hand to push them flat and massage them until the strands/noodles become loose. Once this happened, put them on a strainer and let them shed water from the bowl until they turned to dry. 

Cluster 3

(Moderate Flame)
Sautee the cut pieces of breast chicken ( half an inch cubes) with ginger, garlic, and green chili using cooking oil. It is ideal that the ginger is thinly pounded the same way with garlic. Also, take note that these three ingredients should not be identifiable when you pour in the next ingredient which is the bagoong. 1 tablespoon is enough. Next is put the shrimps. Mix them with the ingredients. After this, make a flambe and put the rice noodles. You need to be fast in doing this. Put the mung beans sprout and cut bell pepper simultaneously. This may last for only 3 minutes. Then turn off the flame. Pour the sauce in cluster 2. Mix the whole dish (this time, it’s now a dish) thoroughly until the rice noodles turned to brown.

Pour the minced peanuts, scallions celery, and squeeze a lime or calamondin to taste. Voila!

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